The Nine Days


Guo Zixuan, 2017
Digital film (9:00 minutes)
Loop with sound
Subtitled in English

This film intercuts an investigation into the environment
of the artist’s home town near Beijing with documentation of conversations she has with her grandmother. The film negotiates how the past is is recovered in the present.

In the first and second nine days
It is too cold to put your hand out
In the third and fourth nine days
Ice is strong enough to walk on
In the fifth and sixth nine days
See the willows turn green on the bank
In the seventh of nine days
The ice starts to dissolve in the river

In the eighth of nine days
The swallows start to come back
In the following ninth of nine days
The cattle will start work in the field
‘The Nines of Winter’ (Shu Jiu) is a common saying during wintertime
in China. It refers to the nine periods of nine days following the Winter Solstice.


果子暄, 2017
高清录像 (9:00分钟)


一九二九 不出手
三九四九 冰上走
五九六九 沿河看柳