Let the Water Flow

Field Recordings, 2016 Video Installation, various durations Five channels colour film Chinese and English subtitles Let the Water flow records lives that share a connection to the waters of Shanghai’s rivers. Where they might ordinarily be set apart from one another this video installation brings them together– The apartment dweller doesn’t read of the gravel […]


  Clinton Watkins, 2017 Digital film (41:37 minutes) Loop with sound Locations is a composite of environments where the filming of Let the Water Flow and Xiao Pudong occurred. The work functions as a long form narrative of outtakes supported by a sound compositions created at the time of filming. 《地点》 克林顿·沃特金斯, 2017 高清录像 (41:37 […]

The Nine Days

  Guo Zixuan, 2017 Digital film (9:00 minutes) Loop with sound Subtitled in English This film intercuts an investigation into the environment of the artist’s home town near Beijing with documentation of conversations she has with her grandmother. The film negotiates how the past is is recovered in the present. In the first and second […]


Li Xiaofei, 2016 Digital Film (13:15 minutes) Loop with sound Subtitled in English In Argentum, Li explores China’s economic development by focusing on a rural silver mine. He meets the workers who explain the difficult working conditions they experience, the extent of the environmental degradation resulting from poorly regulated industry and its connection to broader […]

Baoshan District

Baoshan District

Jim Speers, 2017 Digital film (8:00 minutes) Loop with sound Baoshan District takes the viewer on a night time journey at the industrial edge of Shanghai. We travel along the edge of a creek, following the path used to travel across the informal ground between apartment blocks, factories and the local shopping mall. The sound […]

Invisible Narrative Clinton Watkins, 2017 Multi Channel Sound Installation (25:37 minutes) Invisible Narrative is a sound composition that utilises environmental sound recordings collected in a wide range of locations in Shanghai between 2012–16. It aims to create an immersive narrative space using only sound. As an installation, the piece functions as a central work within the […]

Xiao Pudong

Field Recordings, 2017 20 minutes, Colour Single Channel film Chinese and English subtitles Margins are not just found on the periphery. Sometimes they travel inward to the very heart of a bustling metropolis. XiaoPudong offers a brief perspective into life aboard the barges and docks of the Suzhou and Huangpu rivers. Our guide through this […]