Invisible Narrative

Clinton Watkins, 2017
Multi Channel Sound Installation
(25:37 minutes)

Invisible Narrative is a sound composition that utilises environmental sound recordings collected in a wide range of locations in Shanghai between 2012–16. It aims to create an immersive narrative space using only sound. As an installation, the piece functions as a central work within the gallery and acts as a sonic adhesive for all video work operating within its area of effect. The material it uses can be read in relation to the visual material presented through these video works.

克林顿·沃特金斯, 2017
多通道声音装置 (25:37分钟)

《无形的叙述》是一部音效编制作品,采用于2012-16年间在上海一系 列不同地点所采集的环境背景录音。目的在于创建一种仅用声音的浸 临式的表述空间。作为一件装置作品,该展品在展厅中起中心作用, 通过音效将各种视觉作品结合起来。