Li Xiaofei, 2016
Digital Film (13:15 minutes) Loop with sound
Subtitled in English

In Argentum, Li explores China’s economic development by focusing on a rural silver mine. He meets the workers who explain the difficult working conditions they experience, the extent of the environmental degradation resulting from poorly regulated industry and its connection to broader social tensions in China. While Li predominately works with moving image, the attention he gives to the physical proper- ties of the environment recorded in Argentum connects this work to his sculptural practice that is typified by a concern for and arrangement of raw materials. In both cases, the social and human landscape is located within a politicised natural world.

李消非, 2016

在作品《银子》当中,艺术家李消非通过偏远地区的一所炼银矿反映了中国经济发展中充满问题的现实。工人们讲述他们所经历的艰苦的工作条件,缺乏管理和规章的产业所导致的环境恶化程度以及与更广泛的中国紧张的社会关系间的联系。虽然李消非主要从事影像装置创作, 在《银子》对环境的记录当中他表现的对物理性质的关注,能够和其 雕塑的做法相联系,要特别地考虑依据材料的性质做出安排。在这两 种情形下,社会与人文的状态将置于一个政治化的自然世界当中。