Baoshan District

Baoshan District

Jim Speers, 2017
Digital film (8:00 minutes)
Loop with sound

Baoshan District takes the viewer on a night time journey at the industrial edge of Shanghai. We travel along the edge of a creek, following the path used to travel across the informal ground between apartment blocks, factories and the local shopping mall. The sound track records the immediate environment—a rustle of leaves and the communication of insects against the distant rumble of the city’s traffic. The film captures an unlikely wilderness, and the adaptive behaviour of both plants and people as well as the effect of larger forces beyond this small, particular piece of land, which bring changes to the material culture and physical form of the city.

吉姆· 斯皮尔斯, 2017
高清录像 (8:00分钟)

《宝山区》将观众带入到上海产业区边缘的一次夜间旅行。我们沿着小 河边,徜徉在一条过去曾穿过住宅区,工厂和当地商场之间,不太正 规场地的小路上。音效逼真地记录下了周边的环境-树叶摩挲,昆虫对 鸣,以及远处城市车流的喧嚣